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The Bike Rally is not a race. Road Safety, Food, Wellness and a host of volunteers support you along the way. Find a pace that is comfortable and safe for you. And, take the time to enjoy the ride.

Thanks go to Mark Fisher for helmet / handlebar cam videos of Bike Rally 2010, days 1-6 ...just to give you a taste.

Route and Daily Highlights - Bike Rally 2013

Bike Rally Route

Download: icon Bike Rally 2013 Route Maps and Cue Sheets (3.46 MB)

Note: Route maps and other details for Bike Rally 2014 will be available prior to departure.

Day 1: Sunday, July 28, 2013
Toronto to Port Hope - 108 km

The Bike Rally departed early Sunday morning. This year we started out heading west on Wellesley, then up to Bloor/Danforth. The departure from Toronto was marked by cheering onlookers as all the cyclists departed the city.

The route on Day 1 took us along familiar training ride routes before heading into the countryside. These can be busy roads as we traveln the Kings Highway for sections but they were lightly travelled on Sunday. Rolling hills made the afternoon challenging but also one of the prettiest.

Queen's Park 2012Departure, 2012

27 km: 1st Break - Adams Park, Scarborough

63 km: Lunch - GM Headquarters, Oshawa

86 km: 2nd Break - Bond Head Park, Bond Head

108 km: Campsite - The Haskills Farm is a gorgeous location, high atop a cliff overlooking Lake Ontario just before Port Hope. Swimming is available off the rocky shore.

Starting at 3:00 pm, buses depart every 30 minutes to take participants to the local sports complex for showers and a swim.

Highlights: Our emotional departure, a scenic afternoon ride and a gorgeous camping field overlooking Lake Ontario complete the first day.


Day 2: Monday, July 29, 2013
Port Hope to Adolphustown - 128 km

Day 2 is the longest day of the Bike Rally at 126 km and it may be the first time to excede a double-century ride. We`re out in the country now and have the swing bridge at Murray Canal followed shortly after by lunch at the Henderson's B&B in Consecon. The afternoon is spent riding beside the lake as we head to Picton - and the largest hill of the ride.

We are following the scenic and historic Loyalist Parkway (Hwy 33) which connects Prince Edward County with the mainland via the Glenora Ferry. Once crossed, it's a short ride to camp, The longest day of the ride is over!

On the road - day 2 2013On the road - Day 2, 2013

36 km: 1st Break -  Wicklow Beach Park, Wicklow

65 km: 2nd Break - Brighton Road Swing Bridge, Murray Canal, Lovett

79 km: Lunch - Henderson B&B, Consecon

100 km: 3rd Break - Schroedter’s Market at Huff’s Corners (just outside Picton)

128 km: Campsite - U.E.L. Heritage Centre/Park Adolphustown is a lakeside retreat, a short ferry ride on the Glenora Ferry. Swimming and showers are both available; however, showers are limited and may have long wait times. We recommend taking an eco-shower on the beach. Showers take $0.25/$1.00.

Highlights: The swing bridge at Murray Canal, Henderson B&B, the ride along Lake Ontario after lunch, the Glenora Ferry and riding through downtown Picton.


Day 3 Red DressRed Dress Day, 2013

Day 3: Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Adolphustown to Kingston - 51 km

Day 3 marks the halfway point of Bike Rally and is known as Red Dress Day. It is the shortest day with a 51 km ride to Queen's University.

Today, you ride along the edge of Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte as you approach the historic town of Kingston. You make it to Kingston in time for an amazing lunch at Queen's University. No camping tonight, you sleep in the dorms at Queen's and have a chance to catch up on some laundry.

22 km: 1st Break  - Finkle Shore Park, Bath

51 km: Kingston Arrival 

No campsite! We stay at Queen's Unversity. Laundry facilities are available or take clothes to a local "fluff and fold".

Highlights: Cycling along the bay, we all look fabulous in our red attire - a long red ribbon of riders heading down the road to Kingston. Buffet lunch at Queen's University, having the afternoon off, laundry facilities, showers and a bed.

See also: Welcome to Kingston


Day 4: Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Kingston to Johnstown - 111 km

Wake up early fully rested with clean laundry. Enjoy a hot breakfast at Queen's University cafeteria before heading back on the road towards Gananoque, the Thousand Islands and lunch at the best swimming spot of the week.

Today, we take time to recognize our Top Fundraisers. Both Riders that raise over $6000 and Crew that raise over $1,000 are acknowledged with gold jerseys. This being the 15th anniversary year, we recognize Riders who raised over $15,000 and Crew who raised $2,500 or more with glittering jerseys. 

Day 4, 2013 - Gold JerseysKingston Departure, 2013

31 km: 1st Break - Gananoque Town Park, Gananoque

68 km: Lunch - Brown’s Bay Park by Thousand Islands – beautiful for swimming.

85 km: 2nd Break - Armagh S. Price Park, Brockville

111 km: Campsite - Grenville Park Campground is located just past Prescott, at the foot of the bridge to the USA. Swimming and showers ($0.25) are both available.

Highlights: Hot breakfast at Queen's University, Gananoque, cycling through the Thousand Island Parkway, Brockville and the best swimming spot of the week.


Day 5, 2012 - FamiliesWe are family, 2012

Day 5: Thursday, August 1, 2013
Johnstown to Lancaster - 109 km

Today is Poz Day and we take time to reflect on why we are here. Participants who are living with HIV are welcome to self-identify in a safe and welcoming environment by wearing a Poz jersey. There is no stigma attached to being HIV positive here.

Our ride includes going along the Long Sault Parkway and a stop at Dairy Queen in Lancaster (which today donates $0.50 of every sale to PWA). With the number of calories we've burned thus far we can afford to splurge.

30 km: 1st Break - Morrisburg Beach Park, Morrisburg

61 km: Lunch - Milles Roches Island

79 km: 2nd Break - Cornwall Aquatic Centre, Cornwall

104 km: Dairy Queen

109 km: Campsite - Glengarry Park Campground is a beautiful wooded campground nestled along the shores of the St. Lawrence.

Highlights: The stunning Long Sault Parkway, Cornwall's bike paths, Dairy Queen, tenting amongst the tall pines and the emotional Candlelight Ceremony.

For so many participants, the Candlelight Ceremony is why they say, "The Bike Rally will change your life." After dinner, with rain threatening, we gathered in the dining tent to reflect upon our journey. We keep in our hearts and minds the people in our lives that have been affected by HIV/AIDS and our candles represent the flame of hope that someday we will see a world free of HIV/AIDS.


Day 6: Friday, August 2, 2013
Lancaster to Montreal - 100 km

Today is our last day as we cross the border into Quebec. Today we wear our official Bike Rally Jerseys and Crew T-shirts along with a red ribbon and Bike Rally pin. We're heading into Montreal, and luckily we are riding on bike paths on the way into the city. It's a time to enjoy the scenery.

29 km: 1st Break - Parc Wilson, Coteau-du-Lac, QC

55 km: Lunch - Shamrock Park on L’ile Perrot, QC

86 km:  Rendezvous - Lachine Canal. Group photos

Day 6, 2013At last, the Quebec border, 2013

We assemble at the last rest stop just shy of Montreal (at the beginning of the Lachine Canal) and then ride single file for the last 14 km into the heart of Montreal. It makes an emotional end to a wonderful ride as we arrive in Montreal for Divers/Cité. Lots of people are waiting for us. Congratulations... we’ve made it!

Tonight we celebrate and dance at Sky Bar, sharing the events from the week, our joy, our pride, with colleagues and friends.

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