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The Rules

Check with your physician

Check with your physician before beginning this, or any other, exercise program. Address any medical concerns you may have well before the ride. Make sure you submit a completed medical form well in advance of Packing Day (included in the Rider or Crew Waiver Package).

Waiver and Agreement

Each Participant is required to sign the 2016 Rider/Crew Agreement and Waiver. Signed copies must be sent or brought to the PWA Office. Forms are included in the Rider and Crew Waiver Packages accessed from the "Downloads" page.

How to qualify

  1. All riders must complete the mandatory training rides:
    1. A 50 km ride;
    2. A 90+ km ride; and,
    3. Two 90+ km rides, back-to-back (6-Day Riders).
    Please refer to the bikerally.org Calendar for the qualifying ride deadlines.
  2. All NEW riders must attend the following three seminars or clinics:
    1. New Participant Orientation Session;
    2. A Mechanical! The Hands-on Flat-Fix & Roadside Repair Clinic; and,
    3. A Cycling Skills Clinic.
  3. All Riders and Crew must attend the BIG Meeting.
  4. All Riders must have reached their $2,500 (6-Day Riders) or $650 (1-Day Riders) fundraising minimum by June 30, 2016.

Fundraising minimum and deadline

Each rider must meet the fundraising minimum by June 30, 2016. Riders who do not achieve the minimum have the option to pay the remainder of their balance on credit card or by cash, certified cheque or money order. Please note that the Friends For Life Bike Rally does not transfer donations between Riders or Crew Members.

We encourage you to shoot for the sky and set your own personal fundraising goal. the average amount raised per 6-Day Rider last year was $3,500, many Riders approached the $5,000 mark and more than 60 Riders (the most ever) shot past the $6,000 threshold!

Browse the Fundraising section for ideas, pledge forms and more.

Rules of the Road

Sharing public roadways is not a right – it’s a privilege. By law, bicycles are classified as vehicles and as such are subject to the same laws. Careless cycling not only creates a bad impression of cyclists in general, it leaves spectators with a negative impression of the Friends For Life Bike Rally.

The Rules:

  1. Helmets and bells are mandatory on the Bike Rally.
  2. Shoulder check and signal before steering or braking. Use both hand signals and verbal signals to make sure other Riders (and motorists) are aware of your intentions and obstacles that are in your path.
  3. Ride single file in an orderly straight line. Don’t ride in the middle of the road. Stay near the curb – if there are parked cars, ride just far out enough to avoid getting hit by opening doors. If there are a series of sewer grates or parked cars, don’t weave in between them – drivers may not be ready for your sudden re-emergence in their lane.
  4. Use hand and verbal signals to make other Riders aware of your movements and oncoming obstacles. Use caution riding over streetcar and railway tracks, especially in wet weather and dismount to cross these, if asked to do so.
  5. Do not run red lights including at T intersections. Respect the rules of the road, in particular statutory requirements under the Highway Traffic Act.
  6. Don't coast past stop signs. Bring your bike to a full stop, with one foot touching the ground and cross the intersection with caution. Most accidents happen at intersections – never assume that the way is clear or that cars will see you.
  7. When stopped at an intersection, don’t block traffic by bunching up in the right lane – line up single file to allow cars to get around you. If you are going straight through an intersection and there is a right turn lane (or off/on ramp), shoulder check, signal your intentions and move into the through lane. Once in the lane, stay close to the lane markings on your right.
  8. Don't wear headphones or use cell phones while riding. Pull over safely to make calls or send messages. The use of electronic devices utilizing hands-free speakers is permitted while riding.

It is every Rider's responsibility to maintain a cycling speed sufficient to arrive at camp by 5:00 pm or the relevant time required for the day (recommended 20 km/hour). Compliance is mandatory to ensure the safety of all Riders. The capacity of Crew to deal with emergencies must be maximized.

Riders are not allowed to leave prior to the official departure from camp on each day unless otherwise indicated. This is to ensure any police escorts are ready, Road Support is in place and there are no last minute changes to the route.

As we have cyclists of varying degrees of experience, we will have a zero tolerance approach to enforcing rules. Non-compliance with any of the rules stated above during the Bike Rally will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and may result in one or all of the following disciplinary actions – verbal warning, written warning or removal or expulsion from the event.

We are a Green Community

Campground rules

We are staying in public campgrounds so please observe the posted rules pertaining to each campground. All campgrounds must be left the way we found them.


Use the designated receptacles for recycling. Please use the plate provided to you and pack your own cutlery and coffee mug -- use them whenever possible to help us minimize unnecessary garbage.


All garbage must be placed in the appropriate receptacles. Do not litter under any circumstances!


All of the campsites along the route have shower facilities, however these are limited. Aside from the long wait for a shower, excessive use from 300+ Riders and Crew showering has a negative impact on our environment. We ask that if you do use one of the shower facilities, please keep your shower under five minutes. Please use bio-degradable soap and shampoo.

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